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Phone signal amplifier for use range

come:Foshan lintratek Tec  Release time:2015-02-12

      Foshan Lintratek Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer for signal booster/repeater which with 4 years experience in this field. There are experienced technical engineer, top CAD model design team and first-class after-sales service. Choose Lintratek, no hassles. no problems, and no worries. High praise from our customer.

      It is suitable for meeting rooms, hotels, offices, villages, underlying large buildings, elevators, shopping malls and other indoor occasions. Expand the base station coverage area.
The installation is very simple, just need 1 hour. Flexible networking, environmental adaptability, maintenance-free. It is environment-friendly products that greatly reduce the mobile phone radiation and extend the battery life of mobile phone.

      Full-duplex operation, up / down high isolation. Use of advanced digital filtering technology, particularly good band rejection. Frequency selection work, without causing annoyance to other carriers collect. Covering intend economic justice, and high isolation between the transmitting and receiving antennas, receive no bother. As long as 50 mW output power, small outdoor overflow signal, not disturb the base station receiver sensitivity.