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Cell phone signal amplifier what is the cell phone signal source? What’s the importance of cellular amplifier?

Come:Lintratek  date:2019-11-11


When installing the mobile signal amplifier, the signal source is the most important. The mobile signal source is the flexibility of the mobile signal intensifier. If there is no signal source, it is also invalid to install the mobile signal intensifier. If we want to play a good role in the signal enhancement equipment, we must choose a good signal source.

Signal source refers to the place where there is a signal. The signal source is divided into strength and quality. The better the signal strength is, the better the effect of the mobile phone signal intensifier installed.

Many people have installed the signal amplifier of Linchuang technology's mobile phone. They think there will be signals when the signal amplifier is bought and installed. In fact, this is not the case. It is received through the outdoor antenna, and then transmitted to the mobile phone signal amplifier through the coaxial cable. After amplification, we can receive good signals.

Because our mobile phones rely on electromagnetic wave to transmit and establish communication signals, because of the barrier of mountains or buildings, in some mountains and large buildings, mobile phone signals can't arrive smoothly, so we can't use mobile phones, so mobile phone signal amplifier can solve these problems well, so when installing mobile phone signal intensifier, we must find a good signal source, The quality of the signal source directly affects the effect of the signal intensifier installed on the mobile phone.

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