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Cell phone signal amplifier | basement signal is very poor, how to solve it?

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Many friends who work or settle down in the basement are worried about such a problem, that is, there is no signal on the cell phone in the basement, and they usually want to swipe the micro blog and wechat for entertainment. The basement cell phone has no signal, so we should install a cell phone signal amplifier. What's the advantage of this signal amplifier? Let's talk about it in detail here.

I. what to do if there is no cell phone signal in the basement

If you want to solve the problem of making a phone call, it can't be solved; if you want to use a mobile phone with WiFi to access the Internet, it can be solved. Your broadband is connected to the wireless router, and your computer needs to have the function of wireless network card. Turn on the wireless router, and the transmission distance of WiFi is generally 50 meters. There should be no problem, so your computer and mobile phone can access the Internet. Another way is to install mobile signal amplifier. What's the advantage of mobile signal amplifier?

II. Benefits of installing mobile signal amplifier

China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile

1. The large network can be optimized, and the separation of indoor and outdoor channels can greatly alleviate the congestion of the telephone, making it easier and easier for the mobile phone to go online. At the same time, the signal index of the whole system can be improved.

2. Absorb the traffic loss caused by a large number of indoor blind areas and frequent switching.

3. Lay a foundation for more wireless communication services such as mobile Internet in the future.

Signal amplifier GSM mobile phone signal intensifier GSM mobile phone communication shield GSM mobile phone product overview; with the rapid development of mobile communication network, the network coverage is expanding, but due to the non segment development of various construction traffic roads, there are still some weak links in the indoor line communication which can not meet the needs of users. At present, there are mainly some problems

1. Blind area: the signal after consumption is lower than the reception sensitivity of the mobile phone, resulting in poor phone call

2. Weak area: the main reason is that the signal is close to the sensitivity of hand resolution through the consuming hand, resulting in poor phone call.

Conflict area: the wireless signal in the high-rise building area mainly comes from multiple communities, and the unstable reflection signal of multiple ground walls leads to shielding switching, which seriously affects the abnormal communication of mobile phones

3. Busy area: mainly in areas with a large number of traffic, the capacity of the base station is difficult to meet the communication needs, and users cannot access the mobile network for normal communication. For the above problems, it is solved by increasing the coverage of the base station or repeater, but other projects are complex and consume a lot. Therefore, how to improve the coverage, achieve the wireless coverage of the indoor network, improve the call quality, and to a large extent. The second product features

1. It is suitable for blind spot signal amplification of various indoor places such as the low floor of large-scale building in the basement of conference room, hotel and entertainment place

2. Expand base station coverage

3. Improve the coverage of sending and receiving mobile phone signals

4. Improve the receiving sensitivity of the base station

5. Extend the battery life of mobile phone

6. It is light and convenient to install, and can be flexibly configured according to specific application occasions

7. Environmental protection, small volume and low cost

8. Full duplex operation, up / down high isolation

9. Adopt advanced digital filtering technology, with good out of band quality

10. The coverage scheme is economical and reasonable, with high isolation between receiving and transmitting antennas, and no manual interference

11. The outdoor output signal is small and does not interfere with the sensitivity of the base station

12. Casting integration, fully enclosed shell, beautiful and durable

13. KTV, bar, Internet bar, coffee shop, fitness club, leisure and entertainment place, etc;

14. Small hot spot signal complaint area, such as meeting room, supermarket, shopping mall, office, etc;

15. Signal blind area or weak signal area in small area, such as underground or semi underground business place, small basement, underground parking lot, etc;

16. The elevator is the elevator with cables not arranged in the elevator shaft;

17. Family, public security system and highway safety management.

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