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Cell phone signal amplifier | cell phone signal problem is worrying, it must be solved by this way

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Every time I eat out in a restaurant, many WiFi can't connect or need to log in with my mobile number. This will also take into account a problem about personal information disclosure. Xiaobian doesn't know if you will choose to log in to connect to WiFi, and I will choose not to connect to WiFi. In this way, many diners have to use 4G to surf the Internet. Fortunately, nowadays, the traffic is basically unlimited. Even without WiFi, everyone is willing to use the traffic to surf the Internet.

But the 4G signal in the restaurant is not ideal, I believe you have a deep understanding. Having a smooth Internet access speed in the restaurant may also be a marketing way for the restaurant, so today I'd like to share a case about the restaurant coverage signal, hoping to help you!

Project background

Recently, Linchuang technology received a call from a restaurant that needs to do signal coverage. The customer is from India and has opened an Indian curry restaurant in Lecong, Shunde for catering service. As soon as we receive the phone call, we will arrange technology to visit the site and learn about the mobile signal situation on the spot. Please see the analysis below for details.

Project analysis

After understanding the following questions:

1. The customer's restaurant is on the first floor, surrounded by shops. However, due to the distance between the surrounding base stations, the mobile signal is very poor, and normal calls and Internet access are not available.

2. Before the installation, the signal test was carried out. No matter the restaurant or the kitchen location, the signal was very weak. Even if there were one or two signals, the normal communication could not be carried out, which seriously affected the communication requirements of diners.

3. The customer wants to solve the problem of mobile phone and Internet access in the office. The restaurant covers an area of about 40 square meters. We have developed a set of mobile network equipment for the customer.

Materials used

► Linchuang mobile signal amplifier host:

Model: kw20l-tdd-gf (American standard power supply)

Covering area: 400-800 square meters


Outdoor logarithm antenna: 1

Indoor wall antenna: 1 (2m line)

Special feeder for mobile signal amplifier: 15m

setup script

Because the restaurant is on the first floor, it's easy to walk the line.

1. Install logarithm antenna on the billboard on the second floor;

2. The 15m line goes down from the original network line to the customer's restaurant along the wall;

3. The host is installed on the corner of the wall, and the wall antenna is placed on the wine cabinet, facing the dining room area.

Usage effect

After the installation, the owner's personal test of the mobile phone signal has obviously improved a lot. For customers, a better mobile phone signal also means that more diners are willing to come to consume, which has greater competitiveness compared with other shops in the street.

The above is the sharing of Linchuang technology. I hope you can better understand the mobile signal amplifier and know how to choose to use it. If you have any questions, please consult us~