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Mobile phone signal intensifier | common problems and solutions in the installation of mobile phone signal amplifier

Come:Lintratek  date:2020-03-12

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Detailed description of adjustment of signal amplifier of mobile phone

1. The installation place of indoor antenna shall be far away from outdoor antenna to prevent mutual self excitation. The indoor antenna and the outdoor antenna shall be installed separately with a wall.

2. The indoor antenna shall be installed at an angle of 2m above the interior wall or inverted on the ceiling.

3. Various connectors shall be wrapped with adhesive tape to prevent water seepage from being oxidized, which will reduce the coverage of indoor data signal.

Common faults of signal amplifier of mobile phone

1、 What to do if there is no actual effect after installation

1. First, check whether the display light on the amplifier display is on to make sure whether the power supply can be connected

2. Make sure whether the selection of amplifier display, wireless antenna and other parts is appropriate, and whether they can match with the type of mobile card they are using;

3. Determine whether the indoor and outdoor sockets, regulators and wireless antennas of the mobile phone signal amplifier can be properly connected.

2、 After installation, the data signal is obviously improved, but the call is not made

1. Determine whether the outdoor antenna is installed properly;

2. Make sure that the data signal of the location of the outdoor antenna is stable, and the direction of the wireless antenna is inclined to the data signal transmission communication base station as much as possible;

3. Make sure that the length of the data signal transmission line between the outdoor antenna and the amplifier is appropriate (it is better not to exceed 40 meters, not less than 10 meters);

4. If you are not sure, you can try to adjust the amplifier with higher power or ask a professional operator for a comprehensive inspection.

3、 Poor voice quality

1. Adjust the orientation of the outdoor antenna to make the orientation of the wireless antenna lean to the data signal transmission communication base station as much as possible;

2. The coaxial line above 50 ohm-7d shall be selected as far as possible for outdoor antenna;

3. Determine whether the distance between the outdoor antenna and the indoor antenna is too close (self excitation will be generated if it is too close). The standard distance is more than 10 meters. It is better to separate the wall, stairway and other objects. Moreover, it is proposed that the indoor and outdoor wireless antenna cannot be installed on the same level, so as to avoid the data signal sent by the indoor antenna from being received by the outdoor antenna to generate infinite cycle expansion (self excitation )

4、 After installation, the signal is stable, but the coverage is not large

1. Ensure that the data signal of the part where the outdoor antenna is installed is sufficient and strong;

2. Make sure that the transmission line from the indoor antenna to the signal amplifier is not easy to be too long, the line connector is proper and intact, the raw materials of the line meet the requirements, and the regulators are not over connected;

3. Add the indoor antenna appropriately according to the specific situation;

4. Choose a mobile signal amplifier with higher output power.

The above is shared by lintratek technology, hoping to help you solve the problem of poor cell phone signal.