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Mobile phone signal enhancement | villa group construction | eating, drinking and playing, team display all have!

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Review of League building activities

Life is more than just the present

And poetry and distance

Work is not all about being busy all day in the office

There is also a wonderful group building~

To enrich the spare time life of Lin Chuang's family

Stimulate teamwork and build team cohesion

Afternoon of December 19

Organize everyone to set out to build beautiful Luhu villa group

League building activities are not only rich and colorful

There is also a very interesting team show

Follow Xiaobian's camera

Let's review the wonderful moments of the group building activities~

set out

Go, go, go~

Let's go with the sound of joy

In order to make everyone happy from now on

Wen Jie, the personnel manager, is also a tour guide

He also sang a song mixed Mandarin with Cantonese

Let the people of Lin Chuang at the scene have fun~

Singing on the bus

It seems that every little friend of Lin Chuang

They're all potential singers

It's not only good-looking and handsome, but also pleasant to sing

First lie down

After more than an hour's journey

We arrive at Midea Lake Villa Resort

Check in first

Our big house -- Beautiful Luhu Villa

It's almost dinner time now

Of course, it's necessary to have a happy meal

We take our own ingredients

Go back to your villas and prepare dinner

Vegetable washing expert

The wonderful choppers are very busy

The little partner in charge of eating finally cleaned up the dining table

Team work, hot pot feast will soon open~

Second lie down

You can't let go of free time in the evening

You can't live in a villa without a hot spring

Winter and hot spring are perfect match

No matter how cold it is outside

The hot spring water is still warm

Slowly immerse in hot spring water

It seems to be wrapped by the warm spring sun

Take a long breath

Enjoy the peace

Worry and sorrow are gone with the steam ..

Some are playing mahjong, some are singing

The atmosphere was very warm

It's like a family reunion

Relax and speak freely~

Third lie down

Facing the sunshine of the next morning

Take a good day to walk in Luhu lake

Punch in at annahi town and other scenic spots

Walking among them, the fresh air makes people relaxed and happy

Look at the smiles on the faces of my friends

Just know how romantic and immortal the scenic spots are!

Fourth, lie down

After a nutritious and rich breakfast

Next is the team style display

The performance of the exhibition was excellent

The one who voted the most was the first

The company will reward 500 yuan in cash

The partners design their own team names and slogans

Each team wants to be unique

They are confident and ready to win the team championship

Now it's time to show our team

There is a team of health care and hair loss girls

There are dry rice team, there are Invincible lovely team

One last

You don't have to do it yourself~

Everyone is enthusiastic

Let the Youth League Construction send out laughter everywhere

The happy time is short

There's something that we all have left to say

Return to nature

Enjoy the peace

But under the blue sky and white clouds

A short rest

We should not stop

But will return to work with more enthusiasm

Continue to strive for the remaining performance targets in 2020!