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Mobile phone signal intensifier | Android, apple mobile phone signal strength test method, take a look!

come:Foshan lintratek Technology Co., Ltd.  Release time:2021-05-06

The mobile phone has been in our life, but many people are still suffering from the poor signal of mobile phones. Recently, there are many people in iPhone forum who make complaints about 5G. So do you know how to check the signal intensity of iPhone and Android? Share the steps:

1、 How to check the signal intensity of iPhone?

It is very simple to check the signal intensity of iPhone. First, we open the dial input (*3001 × 12345 × 1)

Then select the second option of the pop-up interface, and the number with negative sign is the signal strength- 50-60 indicates that the signal is very good, -60-70 signal is good, -70-80 indicates that the signal is slightly weak, and -80-90 indicates that the signal is very weak.

2、 How to check the signal intensity of Android mobile phone?

Android system check signal strength in settings - about mobile phone - network. There is a gap between the signal intensity in the indoor and outdoor, and the general outdoor signal is better than that of the indoor. Now, the so-called DBM is in the range of -xx-0. The larger the number, the higher the signal strength.

-Congratulations, your signal is very good in the range of 50dbm-0dbm. Maybe you are standing next to the base station- 90dbm-60dbm, congratulations too. You will not be able to make a phone call.

3、 Signal rescue method

1. Turn on flight mode

When the flight mode is turned on in the setting, you will see a small aircraft displayed in the signal bar above the mobile phone. This indicates that the flight mode is successfully turned on, and then turn off the flight mode after 10 seconds to 30 seconds. This will be a lot better to operate the mobile phone signal.

2. Manually select operator

Click cellular mobile network in the settings interface, then click network selection in the new interface, turn off the automatic button, then manually select your SIM card operator, and then go back to the cellular mobile network interface to see if it is right or not. If the previous setting is wrong, it will be very good to change back signals.

3. Restore network configuration

If the above two methods are not feasible, try this method again. Slide down the setting page to find the general purpose, then click the restore to enter it, and then click restore network settings. At this time, we need to confirm the lock screen password once, and then you can restore the network settings after entering. PS: after this program is operated, the original iPhone network information, including WiFi password and related parameter settings, will be cleared.

Through the above three methods, can basically solve 90% of the mobile phone signal problem, if not, we recommend that you install the mobile phone signal amplifier, so that your mobile phone signal is better, reduce life troubles!