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Do you have many questions about signal amplifiers?

come:Foshan lintratek Technology Co., Ltd.  Release time:2021-06-12

How should we choose mobile phone signal intensifier

In the purchase should be based on their own situation, in the case of unclear, please consult customer service, in order to avoid the wrong choice of model, resulting in poor use effect. The following sort of customer consultation more problems, hope to help you solve your doubts.

Q. Does the mobile phone signal amplifier support three networks?

A. Linchuang technician or customer service can make the signal amplifier of three net mobile phone according to the needs of customers

Q. What's the meaning of "one drag, one drag, two drag"?

A. It means that a host can be equipped with one or two indoor ceiling antennas

Q. Is there any technical guidance for installation?

A. After receiving the product, if you encounter installation problems, you can directly consult the customer service of the store, send the installation video or guide the installation online

Q. How do Android phones test signal strength?

A. Download the "cellular-z" software from the mobile app store to view the signal strength of the mobile phone

Q. The outdoor signal is not good, is the high-power host useful?

A. Mobile phone signal amplifier is the signal Porter, as long as there are more than 2-3 grids of outdoor signal can be enhanced

Q. After installation, how good is the signal strength?

A. Mobile phone signal in 40db-75db signal is strong, the environment is different, after the installation of the strength is not the same

Q. What suit is good for the basement?

A. It is necessary to confirm the coverage area and environment. If the environment is not complex, the signal coverage can also be achieved by dragging a set

Q. Can 4G be used to enhance the indoor signal within 15 meters of the rental house?

A. Yes, in the installation process, the outdoor antenna can be installed in the direction of the base station or signal

Q. Why didn't the cell phone signal enhance after installation?

A. Check whether the power line is connected correctly. The outdoor antenna and indoor antenna should be installed more than 10 meters away from the partition wall, otherwise self excitation will occur and signal transmission will be affected

Q. How much area can an indoor antenna (mushroom head) cover?

A. The indoor ceiling antenna can cover 80-120 square meters, which is suitable for installation in open space. If there are multiple walls, more than two should be installed

The above are the most frequently asked questions recently. After reading, do you have a deeper understanding of mobile phone signal amplifier? Linchuang technology products are distributed in 155 countries and regions around the world, serving more than 500000 users of high-tech enterprises. Linchuang has always been committed to become a leader in the weak signal bridging industry, so that there is no blind area in the world, so that everyone can communicate barrier free!