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Case sharing high rise property office building, how to achieve full network signal coverage?

come:Foshan lintratek Technology Co., Ltd.  Release time:2021-06-19

More than one person once asked Xiaobian: now it's 2021, and the price war, signal war and brand war of the three major operators have already been in full swing. The signal base stations have been built to Mount Everest. Are there really so many places without signals?

Of course, the answer is yes. No signal or poor signal coverage is a common situation in many special areas. It is not only limited to remote mountainous areas and ocean going areas, but also in many first tier cities.

Last week, colleagues from the business department of the company received a call for help from Guangdong Vanke property management center. It is said that the signals of office buildings in the first tier cities should be fully covered. Why does this problem also occur?

Regional analysis

After on-site inspection by the company's technical personnel, we found several key problems

1. The main building design of the property center is complex, and many reinforced concrete structures block the normal transmission of signals;

2. The surrounding buildings are dense, and there are many high-rise buildings, the signal is blocked by the floor in the transmission process, resulting in the signal blind area;

3. After professional detection, the wireless signals in this area come from multiple cells, and most of them are unstable reflected signals from the ground and wall, which directly leads to frequent base station handoff in the use process, seriously affecting the mobile phone signal.

Signal coverage scheme

The property center is on the 8th floor, covering an area of about 3000 square meters. The technicians have made a detailed investigation on the blind areas of each signal on the floor and the main signal sources around the building. Combined with the signal demand of the Property Center, the scheme of full coverage of aa23-cgd Unicom and Telecom 4G signals has been formulated.

Linchuang mobile phone signal amplifier host (model)


Accessories: 1 outdoor logarithmic antenna

6 indoor ceiling antennas

Special feeder, connector and power divider

Linchuang technical personnel provided on-site guidance, found the better direction of the outdoor signal source, fixed the outdoor signal receiving antenna, and connected the indoor ceiling antenna in multiple indoor signal blind areas, and completed the wiring treatment according to the requirements. After on-site conditioning and matching with the signal source, the mobile phone signal has been significantly improved, with the signal strength between - 40 and - 59. Both indoor corner calls and video browsing are very smooth, and the overall coverage effect has successfully reached the expectation of the property center.

Linchuang has always been committed to become the leader of weak signal bridging industry, so that there is no blind area in the world, so that everyone can communicate barrier free! In the field of mobile communication, Linchuang insists on actively innovating around the needs of customers. Linchuang's mobile phone signal amplifiers are distributed in 155 countries and regions around the world, serving more than 500000 users, helping users solve their communication signal needs, promote industry progress, and create social value.

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