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OEM&ODM Service

Lintratek supplies clients OEM&ODM Service, we can do this because we own our R&D department and warehouse, equipped advanced production machines and efficient production line. Actually, in these 10 years, Lintratek has received a lot of OEM&ODM service inquiry, and did really good job each time. If you want to build your own brand and need the urgent production, we are confident to make it perfectly and deliver it ASAP.
A: What’s difference between OEM and ODM?
According to the description of wikipedia, OEM, or we say original equipment manufacturer, is generally referred as a company that produces parts and equipment that may be marketed by another manufacturer. That means, if you want to create your own models of cell phone signal booster and communication antenna, and your own brand, from the core circuit board to outside design, but you are not available for production, then you can call Lintratek to do it for you.
ODM (original design manufacturer) means that we Lintratek own the design property of the models, but we supply you the label or color custom service. In some way, you also can build your own brand by asking for the ODM service.
In the mature production system of Lintratek, each product will pass strict testing when in the semi-finished process and finished process. Here are some successful cases of our OEM&ODM service.
B: What’s the MOQ of Lintratek OEM&ODM service?
Generally, the MOQ of Lintratek OEM of mobile signal repeater is 100PCS; and the MOQ of ODM is 1000PCS.

Pre-sales Service

After we receive your inquiry by phone call or email, we will try to contact you to learn about your situation: your location (country and city), the network that you are using, the environment of your telecommunication, your marketing plan if you want to purchase for resell…
Therefore, we can recommend the right and suitable models of cell phone signal amplifier and others supporting products to you.
If you want to purchase for personal use, we will recommend you the most efficient model caring about your experience feeling, if you have limit of your budget, we will also recommend some affordable models for your choice.
If you are a wholesaler or distributor and plan to purchase Lintratek signal booster for resell, we will recommend the most hot-sale models meeting the consumption level of your local places.

After-sales Service

After you receive the goods and install the device, maybe for some reasons, the machine cannot work well. Firstly, you can contact our professional after-sales team and describe your problem, our team will test best to solve it. After you try the solution but the problem still cannot be fixed, here we have an after-sales service item to protect your benefit.

Return Within 30 Days

Return Reason

Send-out shipping fee

Send-back shipping fee

Product Quality



Other Reason




  1. Please offer evidence (video or photo) to prove “Product Quality”.
  2. “Product Quality” doesn’t include Frequency-Not-Match, if client wants to return the goods because of frequency problem, client should pay the shipping fee of sending out and back.


One-Year Guarantee & Life-Long Maintenance

Warranty Policy

Send-back-to-factory shipping fee

Send-back-to-client shipping fee

Product Quality In One Year



Product Quality Beyond One Year



Installation Instruction

After you receive the parcel of full kit cell phone signal booster, you will find that there is a guide book in the package, inside there is a part of installation instruction. Also, we will supply you a video to show how to install it step by step. Click here to download the video chip.

Payment & Shipping

If you finally want to place the order, as reference, we usually accept these payment methods: PayPal, bank transfer, credit card, T/T, Western Union… About the clearance, we will prepare the concerning document for you.
The common trade terms during the business process are EXW, DAP and FOB, usually for the end customer, we will choose the suitable and affordable shipping companies (FedEx, DHL, UPS are the first choice) of DAP term. What’s more, Lintratek owns its storehouse, it means the most models are in stock. After you finish the payment, we will arrange the shipping for you.

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