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Small Size Building

Small size building signal cover with Lintratek cell phone signal booster

Why do we need signal booster?

Lintratek cell phone signal booster can be applicated in many places, you might not really see the device but it does exist and influence a lot in our daily life. In the rural area, in the business building, in the shopping mall, in the parking lot…normally in these places, far away from the network suppliers’ base station or space closed, the cell phone signal is weak even you might get no service. But people still can get good signal receipt and take a phone call, that’s all of the cell phone signal booster, some say repeater or signal amplifier.


Optional combination for different applications


Lintratek has different models for different applications, here we introduce you some suitable models and corresponding solutions for home use, office studio and other similar buildings.
If you want to cover 100-500sqm, here we supply you some optional solution plans:

Optional Combination

Full Kit



Network Carriers

(Band Frequency)

signal booster 1


Yagi antenna*1

Whip antenna*1

10-15m cable*1

Power supply*1

Guide book*1


Support only one frequency of network carrier

 signal booster 2


LPDA antenna*1

Cailing antenna*1

10-15m cable*1

Power supply*1

Guide book*1


Support 2 frequencies of different carriers at the same time

 signal booster 3


LPDA antenna*1

Panel antenna*1

10-15m cable*1

Power supply*1

Guide book*1


Support 3 frequencies of different carriers at the same time

If you want to purchase according different network operators (network carriers), click here for reference. We have more than 500 models for your choice to boost signal of the global network carriers.
If you are as an engineer or project manager and want to cover much more range, click here for information of powerful repeater.

Clients’ Feedback

client's feedback

Caution of installation

Before you install the kit of signal booster, there are something that you should take attention to.

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